Mission Statement

It is the mission of Mortal to provide a tight-knit, organized community for competitive raiders without elitism or drama.

Application Process

  1. Read the entire guild charter.
  2. Register on the site.
  3. Fill out the application form.
  4. Navigate to the application forum to find your application topic. Your application will be reviewed by the Mortal community.
  5. An interview will be scheduled through your application thread and will be on voice comms. The interview will cover your application, an overview of our rules and procedures and lastly a Q&A.
  6. Following a positive interview, expect a guild invite to begin your application process immediately.

Promotion Process

The application period lasts a minimum of two weeks from the time that your application is accepted. Your raid attendance and overall presence will be noted.

Prior to launch, due to lack of a game in which to interface with the guild, applicants are able to obtain promotions via activity on the guild forums.

The initiation period lasts until one of the following three requirements has been met:

  • Meet the raid attendance quota for 3 months.
  • Maintain a detailed guide on the guild/official forums. Guide ideas should be discussed with an officer prior to execution to determine impact/necessity. Potential examples include: in-depth class guide, trade skill guide, bug tracker, tech support sticky, etc. Also meet the raid attendance quota for 1 month.
  • Level a trade skill or other profession that the guild is in need of to maximum, work towards obtaining essential patterns, and make your services available to the guild. These professions should be discussed with an officer to determine necessity/availability. Also meet the raid attendance quota for 1 month.

Guild officer is a position which must be applied for (please check our forums or ask Hydd for application information). The officers and the leader make up the Loot Council a total of 5 individuals with each having an equal say in loot decisions. There are 4 officer positions, which are described below:

  1. Executive Officer - Paperturbine
    • Assist the guild leader in creating and enforcing policy
    • Make themselves available for communication within the guild
    • Fill in when the guild leader isn't present
  2. Raid Officer - TBD
    • Maintain a thread with helpful links or a guide on each raid encounter on the guild forums
    • Work with raiders to fully understand what each class can bring to specific encounters
    • Have a strong understanding of the in-game mechanics
    • Communicate well over voice comms and demonstrate ability to lead raids (experience desired)
    • Stay up to date in raid meta by reading raiding forums regularly
  3. Recruitment Officer - TBD
    • Maintain recruitment threads on the official forums and all major fansites
    • Conduct interviews on voice comms with potential applicants
    • Respond to applications on the guild forums promptly
    • Maintain a diplomatic position with other guilds on our server
  4. Treasury Officer - TBD
    • Maintain guild bank slots to be organized and useful
    • Maintain a spreadsheet of guild bank contents, updated weekly
    • Use understanding of in-game economy to increase guild wealth
    • Work with crafters to ensure that guild bank maintains a supply of proper materials and consumables


Members of Mortal are expected to show respect towards one another, as well as towards those outside the guild.

Members of Mortal are expected to maintain a mature attitude, particularly in regards to class nerfs, sitting out during raids and promotions/demotions. Members should be able to handle constructive criticism in a positive manner.

As a guild, Mortal will never loot a raid encounter that was defeated via exploit. We will report said exploit immediately as a guild and keep all details private until resolved.

Mortal is not a secondary or alt guild. You must always represent Mortal on your main character. Exceptions may be made in the case of having an alt in a roleplaying guild, as Mortal does not offer a roleplaying experience. If you feel that you have a fair case to double guild, please bring it up to an officer.


Mortal has a required raid attendance rate of 80%. Attendance will be tracked via a public spreadsheet on our website. If any member dips under 80%, expect a conversation from an officer to see what is happening, and how we can resolve the issue.

If you know you will miss a day, you should create a post in the 'Time Away' forum. This gives us the forewarning necessary to prepare for your absence and work around it. When you miss a raid without posting here, you're hurting the entire raid force more than you realize. Additionally, if you post in the 'Time Away' forum, you will gain 10% credit for attendance (instead of receiving 0%).

Attendance Requirement: 80%
Points acquired per raid attended: 1.0
Points acquired per bonus raid attended: 0.2
Points acquired per raid missed: 0.0
Points acquired per raid missed (w/post in Time Away): 0.1
Points acquired per bonus raid missed: 0.0
Attendance Equation: Raids Made/Raids Since Joining (Can not exceed 100%)
Seniority Equation: Raids Since Joining/Total Raids (Can not exceed 100%)


Items that drop during raids will be distributed via Loot Council. The Loot Council consists of the 4 officers and the guild leader, each with equal say in loot decisions. If you are unfamiliar with Loot Council, here is an explanation from

"In the computer role playing games of old, one player managed a whole party with several members. When a new item became available, the player decided which party member would profit most, and give the item to them. Overall progress was the only goal. In its purest form, a loot council works exactly the same, one person decides which raid members get which items. If that player is impartial and the decisions are correct, there can be no issues about "justice", because overall progress is the one primary goal in raiding. As it's nearly impossible for a single person to be godlike and impartial, most raids use several people to take this kind of decision - a loot council. Normally the loot council also has less absolute powers than the pure form. A frequently seen loot council policy is to restrict items by class and/or talent build. Loot councils are always used to give a higher emphasis on the success of the raid as a whole over the selfish interests of individual raid members."

Once an item has dropped, it will be linked for all members to see, along with which officer to message regarding the item. Distribution will be decided by the Loot Council, based on a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Progression (typically tanks > healers > dps, barring extenuating circumstances)
  • Attendance
  • Seniority
  • Prior Loot

If a member feels that there has been injustice, or simply has an inquiry regarding a loot decision, an officer should be contacted in-game or on the guild forum via private message after the raid has ended. We do our best to maintain a transparent loot process, and are always willing to discuss our decisions.