Guild Compatibility Quiz

Q1: Which of these best describe your ideal raid environment?

  • Asking everybody on voice comms to weigh in on politics and religion
  • Getting wasted and/or high and telling the entire raid you have feelings for a family member
  • Missing every other raid due to issues with "your girl"
  • Killing internet dragons at a competitive level

Q2: How many times on average do you ninja afk during a raid?

  • Once
  • Twice
  • Thrice
  • Never. I'm not scum
  • Q3: How many times on average do you spout memes during a raid?

  • Kappa
  • Biblethump
  • I'm 12 and what is this?
  • Never. I'm not scum

Q4: Do you plan on running dungeons/quest chains with undergeared applications/initiates even though you're bis geared?

  • I don't run dungeons with noobs
  • They should pug
  • If they pay me gold
  • Yes. I'm not scum

Q5: Do you expect at some point to swap your main to an alt?

  • Yes, I love swapping mains in a raiding guild and having many geared toons
  • Hopefully no, but if I needed to, I'd reach out to the leadership to discuss the possibility

Q6: Do you plan on posting in the time away forum when you'll miss a raid?

  • No way. If I'm not there, I want you guys to suffer as much as possible
  • Yes. I'm not scum

Q7: Do you like to theorycraft and optimize your character to the max?

  • "Nah, I prefer to go by my gut" - Schwin
  • Yes. I like to raid seriously

Q8: How many wipes on average do you cause per raid?

  • "What elevator?" - Kegno
  • "FAIRIES!!!??" - Kelem
  • "Deaf or Death" - Hydd
  • As few as possible

Q9: Are you a racist, sexist or a general bigot?

  • Obv
  • No. I'm not scum

Q10: Do you plan on roleplaying as a Goblin and being late to every raid because you refuse to use summons or instant travel?

  • Yes, I'm Simnir
  • No, I'm not Simnir