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New Website

Postby Rockaby » Sat Jun 04, 2016 7:57 pm

New Website

As y'all can see, the website has been completely overhauled. Almost 4 years have passed since we last revamped things, so it was definitely time for an upgrade.

Responsive Layout

Every page, nook and cranny of the site is responsive. This will make all actions much easier to do on your phone. We tested the site on as many phones as we could, but if you run into any issues on your phone (or any device) please take a screenshot and send it to


Navigating the New Site

Lots of features have been moved to dropdowns to reduce clutter. The primary dropdowns you will be using are highlighted below.


Page Speed

Every single page you load takes away a part of your day. Taking this into consideration, I put a lot of effort towards improving the speed of our site. The new site is over 5 times faster than the old (comparison below from gtmetrix).



SSL is now installed, so the site is more secure (your password, the email address you used to register, etc.)

Updates for Potential Applicants

Community statistics added
Guild compatibility quiz added
History page updated
Application form updated for Pantheon (BONUS - app styling no longer breaks when you edit :mrgreen:)

Other Updates

Contribution page added
Forums cleaned up (forum posts relevant to Wildstar archived)
Profile fields changed (editable through your User Control Panel > Profile) - irrelevant/rarely used fields removed, steamID field added, BattleTag field added, Twitch field added
Charter updated
Roster updated (if you are a former member and want to play with us in Pantheon, contact Hydd)
Inactive accounts removed

Removed Features

Facebook-like chat - Site speed is king. This feature was not used enough (or useful enough) to warrant an impact on our site speed.
Liking posts - Discourages responses/communication. Also, site speed. Minimal = best.
Member spotlight - This feature was not set up to age gracefully. It is removed for now, but we may consider adding this feature later.
Tapatalk support - Unnecessary now that the site is responsive.

Please report any bugs to

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