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Discord & You

Postby Hydd » Fri Jul 08, 2016 6:40 pm

Discord & You

We're going to give Discord the college try. Some of us have been using it for the past few weeks without any hiccups or headaches. We'd like it if our members could download the client and stay logged in even while not on voice comms. It's a brilliant way to collaborate outside the forums. We've also incorporated Discord on our website, so even more reason for our members to install Discord.

Website Implementation

We've implemented Discord's robust API in two areas of our website.

Exhibit A


Only registered users will be able to see the "Join Server" button.


Exhibit B


This shows all users logged into Discord (chat included) and what game they're playing (if applicable).

Privacy Concerns

Discord is free. Free of financial cost from the guild and even free of ads/popups.

BUT they do collect information on any information you provide them, activities you do within the application, and any social media account you link to your Discord account. They reserve the rights to share your information with 3rd party companies or legal entities.

One caveat, if you do use the webapp, they reserve the rights to crawl your browser history and keep a record of that as well. So unless you want Discord knowing that you just purchased 42Lbs of petroleum jelly, use the Windows/OSX client.

It's really not that terrible. It's nothing gmail doesn't do already. It's safe to say that a little prudence in what you say will be all the privacy you need. And remember privacy nuts (me included), we're slated to use this service to play video games in, not run a hedge fund.

You can review their privacy statement here:

But... but... I want to hate Discord!

Keep an open mind. If we find Discord to be worth hating, we'll talk about how much we hate it over another service like Mumble or Ventrilo.

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